Everything America Needs to Know About Gun Control

18 Dec

If your kids can’t play safely with their toys, you take their toys away.

It’s that simple.



Note: In view of how quick some people are to attach stereotypes to those who speak out on gun control, the author of this article would like to point out that he is not a pacifist, vegetarian, homosexual, hippie, cross-dresser, momma’s boy, weed-smoker, tree-hugger or closet communist. He has, however, been trained in the safe and accurate use of various firearms by a British military cadet force. The author also likes action movies and can’t wait for the next episode of Homeland.

See also: The Gun Lobby’s Deadly Sales Pitch, Australian ABC article by David Smith.

2 Responses to “Everything America Needs to Know About Gun Control”


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    […] have already blogged before – albeit incredibly briefly – about gun control in the US. This shocking […]

  2. Where is the heart among pro-gunners? | cookiesupermarket - June 23, 2016

    […] See also: My disclaimer – Everything America Needs to Know About Gun Control. […]

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